Alternative desktop with a range of new features and options

PowerDesk is designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize the most common everyday actions performed on a communicator in a very clear and most comfortable way. Improving on the default options available to you, Powerdesk will prove an invaluable assistant on your Smartphone.

Its wide range of features include the following:

  • A highly powerful and customizable Desktop application replaces the built-in one completely
  • 'Today' view allows you to overview and to work with your daily events, appointments, tasks and messages
  • comprehensive task manager
  • windows Alt-Tab style task switcher
  • assign hotkeys for applications, speed dials, contacts or actions
  • Plus hundreds of other unique functions and possibilities to explore

The application has a Desk view and a Today view. The user can switch between them easily using the Ctrl-Q hotkey, the corresponding menu command or the button bar button. Touch pure productivity power today, try PowerDesk the next generation of software development for Nokia smartphones!

An application for your Communicator with a huge range of functions for personal information and phone management.



Powerdesk 2.1 S80